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Quality Trucks.

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Revolutionize the Road Truckah's Time for European Quality Trucks

Welcome to Truckah, your ultimate destination for top-quality, pre-owned commercial vehicles.

At Truckah, we are dedicated to redefining the experience of acquiring used trucks, with a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a trusted global supplier, we specialize in providing premium used trucks, offering a diverse range from compact vehicles to heavy-duty options.

Our unwavering dedication to quality is reflected in our superior fleet solutions, ensuring that each truck meets and exceeds international standards. We take pride in being a reliable partner for businesses worldwide, offering competitive pricing and unparalleled value.

With branches in Bulgaria, the UAE, Poland, and soon in Oman, Germany, and Italy, Truckah is positioned as a leader in global logistics for truck procurement.

Choose Truckah for a seamless journey in acquiring commercial vehicles – where trust, reliability, and premium service converge for your success.

Price Symphony: Harmonizing Affordability and Excellence at Truckah

IIn our world, each price tag orchestrates a symphony of affordability, ensuring quality and excellence trucks in every transaction.


Assuring confidence repeatable and Maximize Savings: 20-30% Efficiency Boost with Truckah’s Smart Truck Solutions

Crafting Excellence: Unveiling Truckah’s Super-Handpicked, Tested Vehicles Discover the Truckah difference — each vehicle meticulously selected and tested for superlative performance, ensuring unparalleled excellence on every road..

Trailblazing Performance: The Unmatched Legacy of Truckah’s Elite Truck Collection Embark on a journey of distinction with Truckah’s elite trucks, where performance meets legacy in a trailblazing experience.

 Beyond Boundaries: Truckah’s Visionary Fleet, Redefining Commercial Trucking Standards Join the revolution as Truckah transcends boundaries, offering a visionary fleet that redefines industry standards in commercial trucking excellence.

Our Rigorous Buying Process: Pioneering Excellence in Premium Truck Acquisition

Premium Selection: Our 120+ agents across Europe meticulously select only premium trucks, ensuring excellence in every acquisition

Quality Assurance: Rigorous inspections and checks guarantee that each truck meets our stringent standards, embodying reliability and unbeatable prices

Transparent Trust Our commitment to transparency fosters trust. Every Truckah badge signifies excellence, ensuring quality and unbeatable prices for our clients

Truckah App – Your Fleet in Your Hands

Direct Sourcing Excellence Unlock the power of direct sourcing with the Truckah app. Get premium trucks from Europe at unbeatable prices, putting the control of your fleet acquisition directly into your hands.

Live Tender Participation Participate in European tenders in real-time through the Truckah app. Witness a revolution in how you secure your fleet, ensuring you never miss an opportunity and always get the best deals.

Expert Guidance, Anytime, Anywhere Navigate your trucking decisions effortlessly. With the Truckah app, you can order trucks with ease and engage with our truck consultants for free advice, ensuring you make informed choices for the success of your fleet.

Truckah: Where Every Kilometer Matters

I Truckah is more than a dealership; it’s your gateway to a world where every mile matters. 


Our trucks embody not just reliability and unbeatable prices but the promise of your success. 


Choose Truckah, and let every journey be a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and your thriving enterprise.

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